Different Types Of Potty

Potty has 5 colors: 1- yellow 2- green 3- black 4- red 5- brown

Normally what can we see in a Potty: 1. Seeds of ladies finger 2. Chopped chillies 3. Rolled tomatoes 4. Coriander leaves 5. Corn

If u look at the shape of Potty carefully,you can visualise various things – 1. eagle 2. snake 3. bhoot 4. dinosaur 5. gobar ki gol thaipdi

Types of Potty: 1. Thin 2. Hard 3. Soluble 4. Dry 5. Jelly 6. Oily

🚽Types of Potty🚽

💩 GHOST potty The kind of potty when u felt there’s potty coming out, but no potty in a toilet💭👻

💩 CLEAN potty U potty it out, see a potty in the toilet but nothing on the tissue✅

💩 WET potty After wiping plenty times you still feel un wiped💦

💩 SECOND WAVE potty U’re done potting, u’ve pulled up your pants and realize u need to potty some more✌

💩 POP A VEIN IN YOUR FOREHEAD potty U strain so much to get it out you feel like you’re having a stroke 😤

💩 GASSY potty So noisy, every1 within earshot is giggling 💣🎶

💩 SKID MARKS potty It leaves the most noticeable skid marks at the bottom of the toilet🍩🍦

💩 BURN potty Reminds you that u had too much of chillies the previous night.🔥

💩 BIO WARFARE potty Turns your toilet into a toxic chamber. Makes u regret u left your deodorant outside.🙊

💩 THE I WISH I COULD potty U wanna potty but all u do is sit on the toilet and fart a few times 💨💨

💩 WET CHEEK potty It drops so fast it splashes water on your butt cheeks 💧💦

💩 THE DANGLING potty The one that refuses to leave your ass u need to shake it off 🎊

💩 THE SURPRISE potty You’re about to fart but BAAAMMMM! IT’S A POTTY!!! 🎉

No matter how beautiful or rich you are but im sure you’ve experienced one or more of those potty type… No morning can be good without a Happy Potty💩🚽 😆😆😆😆