Celebration of Incompleteness

She celebrates her incompletenessAnd dances with the music of her broken heartWhen her soul sings the song of darkness and chaosShe matches it’s rhythm with her sobbing to create an artShe knows that this world will never be kind to herHence, she decorates her wounds with prideFor she can witness the world taking pleasure in her painShe drinks her tears like she never cried Continue reading Celebration of Incompleteness

Menstral Bleed

To all those envoking. You are not seemingly,less than the fliesthat above aways of blood enreaching Your own teachings of laying bleedingssome most entackling the bleeds with other females bleedsGross-eningto one yourself for having disrespected with a flatch of bloodand to one with enfeeding out into two different toilet bowls It’s that your barely human?For believing the dream of in the cow? It’s that you … Continue reading Menstral Bleed

A Tale Of Spice

I’m the sugar you’re the spiceas the sun and the blue skies,we differ, but complimentout each other’s nourishment,a symbiosis perfect scoreone that’s kept safely in store,words come sweet and at times tangypiquant ginger truly tasty,sweet a muse that will definemy brains boiling out the brine,through that shocking pretty lookI can’t get off from your hook,I got entangled and ensnaredFeel of lost being impaired. Continue reading A Tale Of Spice

I’m a Woman #Poetry

These Poem is originally wriiten by: Chiquita I’m a WomanNot your toyI was not born to do service to your boy.I’m a WomanBoth strong and sensitiveI’m not weak, that’s just your perspective.I’m a WomanNot a puppetDon’t try to rule my life with your trumpet.I’m a WomanI bring lifeWithout me your son won’t have a wife.I’m a WomanNot an objectDon’t try to use me or treat … Continue reading I’m a Woman #Poetry

She Simled #Poetry

She smiledBut her eyes didn’t light up nor did her cheeks flush redShe smiledAs if she was showing her teeth for inspection insteadShe smiledLike she hated it, like she was wincing in grimaceShe smiledLike she would cry if given the chanceShe smiledBut it was deviod of the blissIt reminded me of judas’s kissStripped of its passion and all wrongIt was a pharisee’s worship songShe smiledWith … Continue reading She Simled #Poetry

Poem About Healing From Rape With Writing. (Heart Touching)

Rapism Is A Shameless Crime Committed By Human‘s On Human‘s Ever. I can‘t talk to anybody, I feel like nobody understands, So I pick up some paper and grab me a pen. You see me smile, but if you only knew The things that I hold onto And just can‘t seem to let go. I know I must forgive, and I said that I do, But … Continue reading Poem About Healing From Rape With Writing. (Heart Touching)

Dangerous for Girls #Poetry

It was the summer of Chandra Levy, disappearing from Washington D.C., her lover a Congressman, evasive and blow-dried from Modesto, the TV wondering in every room in America to an image of her tight jeans and piles of curls frozen in a studio pose. It was the summer the only woman known as a serial killer, a ten-dollar whore trolling the plains of central Florida, … Continue reading Dangerous for Girls #Poetry