Soda Gummy Candies

< p class=”VideoRecipeIngredients”> < p class=”VideoRecipeContent”> INGREDIENTS 2 Cups of each of your favourite soda: cream soda, orange creamsicle, black cherry 1 envelope (1 tbsp) of gelatine for each flavour of soda < p class=”VideoRecipeInstructions”> < p class=”VideoRecipeContent”> INSTRUCTIONS Begin by reducing one flavour of soda at a time in a saucepan over medium heat. You’ll need the liquid to reduce by half. Once reduced, … Continue reading Soda Gummy Candies

Cursing never made more sense. #Funny

FUCK. Forget. unreasonable. cravings. knockout SHIT. Suck. his. intimate. treasure. BITCH. Because. it. truthfully. causes.  hurt. DAMN. Dont. admit. meaningless. nothings. MOTHER FUCKER. Most. of. the. happiness. ends. roughly. Forget. undesirable. creatures. emitting. regret. DUMBASS. Dont. undermine. morals. before. assessing. serious. situations. HELL. Handle. emotional. love. loss Continue reading Cursing never made more sense. #Funny