Flooding Feelings

Thunder Storms Rain falling down Whispers and screams Tears falling Hoping for better one–sided love knowing thinking Everyone is different set apart from their skin to their personality broken girls to stupid boys who regret but say nothing Continue reading Flooding Feelings


Stages Of Loosing Me #Poetry

There was afeeling;Of loneliness,longingness. There was apremonition;Of melting down into nothingness.After getting high on expectations, promises. There was astate of denial,The common sense to ran away,blissful,ignorant illusion of belonging,settledin instead.But like all illusions,I too,will fade. Then came aconfirmation.Sol will rip apart skin and set these bones on fire.I’ll let myself fall,into certain damnation.I cаn’t go on anymore,I am too tired to move on. Continue reading Stages Of Loosing Me #Poetry

Ooohhh Fuck!! Damn Bang Bang!! #Poetry

These Is How I Am Feeling: Heart throbbing Mind racing Breath panting Pores sweating Nails clawing Lips locking Tongues dancing Skin tingling Back arching Mind altering Eyes closing Mouths moaning Fingers finding Hair pulling Voice growling Senses overloading Being tingling Blood singing Body aching Sleep **coming! No No…. I Don’t Wanna Sleep Please Let’s Continue © VishalDutia Continue reading Ooohhh Fuck!! Damn Bang Bang!! #Poetry