Fart is an art

Fart is an art

Out of a fart he made Great Art
It was no ordinary fart no!
It was straight from the heart, that
It had lain too long in the dark
Now was it’s time to start
To make its bid for freedom… and for stardom.

It flew like a dart that fart from the
Like an arrow strung from Cupids
Little did it know how luminous it’d
Becoming one of the Greats in the
Farting Canon.

It was probably the greatest fart poem ever written
In my own humble opinion
It was very daring and it smelt of

It inflated like a balloon, blew up like
a great glass bubble
Then it popped and headed off
toward England
Flying further afield than any fart
had ever flown
It touched people’s hearts, bewitched every nation
Resounded around the world
Yea! was heard in every Kingdom.

It flew long, it rounded the Horn
Like a Lark, that fart, it soared and
It was no boring old farts
It was far fartier and fruiter than that
It was a King of Farts
Way above the fartiest of farters and
all the farting Arthurs
It was the real King Arthur
The King Arthur of all farts and

A real Belter was that fart that came
from the heart
That had all the Angels singing in
their cloisters,
A real work of Art just like Mozart
Or remember… remember your
“Hark! A fart, a fart! Whereforth art ?
Thou fart”
It played its part, that fart, yea! it
wielded its Excalibur.

O! there’s nothing I’d rather do than lie here blowing sweet bubbles next
to you
You! on your little flutey flute flute and Me! on my big Bass Trombone.