Corona is here, Do not fear,  Its just a plan for the elite to cheer, To make us scared, To make money from the cure, Don’t listen to the bullshit, It’s all a game, to decrease the population, That’s the aim,  They Show us fake videos of people dying, Little kids in china who are forced into crying, Don’t be afraid we will be fine, … Continue reading Corona


Spread so quick watch us all dieTest them kids they showing signsSpread so quick we all go hideCheck them ‘fore we all dieHealth comes first let’s surviveCome together and pray to GodThe next black plague it’s a sign (ya)Don’t panic, it’s alright, same thingAs 1300 then they lost 75 million livesRubbed those herbs they reviveWe suffocate, throw up, cough and dieNo cure for this COVID-19 … Continue reading COVID-19


It’s a virus with a crownOne that surely puts a frown,Keep your distance if you sneezeI might get it through your breeze,Micro critters on attackThey’ll be climbing up your back,Making way down to the lungsJust by flying by our tongues,Get reclused for 14 daysAnd your clothes go set ablaze,Wash yourself and disinfectGet your fever duly checked,avoid hospital avoid the clinicstay at home and don’t be … Continue reading Coronavirus