Now and Forever

Now and Forever

Side fade
Hair so slick
Moves so sick
Eyes like fire opals
Unholy was my undead fire
Mesmerized by his fiery eyes
I falter — heart asunder;
Pulse bounds erratic
… Her presence

Her fragrance
My senses shiver
I can taste her flow
So active her young beat
My whispered sins do entice
Mind swims, to his silken voice
Held to his sway, soul obeys
Irresistibly pulled, dazed
Losing myself in
his carnal

Do my desires
Softly upon her
Fingers in pursuit
Of her precious ink
My lips robbing her of voice
Silenced: enthralled by his kiss
Dauntlessly compelled…
explicit, my surrender
fluttering lashes,
trembling heart

In decent
Stake their claim
In wicked splendor
Arterial is my artistry
Turned she will be my masterpiece
Bound eternal in night and blood
I become her immortal art
sanguine ink indelible
marked as ‘her’
now and

© VishalDutia

Unto ecstasy

Unto ecstasy

I can feel you.
Your sticky candy apple blood
runs cold against my lips.
Icing my veins with every tantalizing taste.

We have stepped through.
Traversing far beyond mortality
into a life eclipsed.
Behold the innocence laid to waste.

Venture with me beyond the
blackest veil.
Feel a passion warmed in the
fires of hell.
Open yourself to me my queen,
and feed the flesh with the obscene.

Cum for me,
glistening in the shadows.
On blood and flesh we feast
unto ecstasy.


Like Leaves Turn To The Rain

Like Leaves Turn To The Rain

Life takes us on a journey
Like being on a run away train
There’s things that happen along
The way that we just can’t explain

So trying to put this into words would be
Like crossing into unfamiliar terrain
When I think of all the scenarios
It’s something that boggles my brain

We can’t see the future and write it
Down like Nostradamus in a quatrain
And when it comes to knowledge or the
Science it’s really not my Domain

So when it comes to our love, what
Description can I use to make it pertain
To take something of complications
And make it simple or plain

It comes down to just another one of God’s
Miracles like blood runs through a vein
And it comes to me so easily and natural
Like leaves turn to the rain




When i write i spill my blood
through my pen onto the paper.
now, that i’m intoxicated by you,
you’re in my bloodstream
and all of my poems are about you, babe.

if getting rid of you,
requires me to bleed out,
then i shall die sober-
without you messing me up.

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Potion of Love

Potion of Love

She was like a Heart
Little more Shattered
Caged under Ribs
But still Beat like Perfect Rhythm
On the Other Hand
He was an Ocean of Blood
Smoothly flowing in the Veins of Imagination
A Perfect Mixture of
Cells of Love &Emotions
The one who Quench the Thirst of Drought Heart
And Fills her with Potion of Love.



Write your heart
Swallow sorrow
Let your blood
Bring tomorrow
Drink my ink
Forget your ought
Leave no if
Keep in thought
Fly away
Drive your spine
Try your best
With all might.
Who Remains?

Who Remains?

When flesh prevails
And spirit fails
Who remains?

When passions die
And evil lies
Who remains?

When love is lost
And warm faith is frost
Who remains?

When blood is shed
And near is death
Who remains?

When the others fall
And one stands tall
Who remains?

Can you tell who remains?

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