Light Of Hope #Poetry

The horizon of hope beckons mightily upon me,and my life today of all days. If only time would,deliver me the light and success I crave to haveupon my life. Maybe that light of sucecess will helpfeel like I am finally on the winning side. © VishalDutia 2022 Continue reading Light Of Hope #Poetry

Pessimistic #poetry

Feel like I’ve committed a thousand sinsFor elevating my ego, pride and selfish winWish I’d go back into my mom’s womb forever. I look around people, they’re cleverI’d rather be born as fragrant flowerWish I’d go back into my mom’s womb forever. I thought life was a joyful endeavorNo one committed to single loverWish I’d go back into my mom’s womb forever. ©VishalDutia Continue reading Pessimistic #poetry


It pumps blood,It pumps feelings,It is an orchard full of love;But it doesn’t express.It feels pain,It feels love,It blooms emotions;But it buries this stuffs.It comprehends others,It understands other souls,It is ironical to brain;But it feels truth.In it’s every lub dub,Flows millions of emotions.Caged between lungs and ribs,But it is a free spirit.It sanks,It flies,It’s everything;It’s heart. © VishalDutia 2021 Continue reading MONOLOGUE OF HEART #poetry

Its all over #Poetry

Heaven fell from the tired sky Angels found bars and delighted in warm whiskey dreams…  Dancing sugarcane symphony  I crossed the street and met myself in yesterday’s clothes… Empty box of cigarettes  looking so lonely on summer hot cement. A dirty page can tell a clean story  A clean page can say nothing at you… I’ve seen your preach pigeon feed how they dance blindly … Continue reading Its all over #Poetry


Your love is algebraI can’t find the formulaIf I could find the right calculator,I could define your euphoria. Your love is geometryI can’t find the anglesIf I could prove your theories,It wouldn’t be a shambles. Your love is trigonometryI can’t figure it outIf I spent an entire notebook, perhapsI’d still have doubts. Your love is a mysteryJust as the greatest mathAlthough worth much,Seems irrelevant to … Continue reading Trigonometry

The Vow

For all of those days when I felt empty inside.I often blamed myself for something I can’t control.I hate the scars from my past.I hate the flaws that already there since the day I was born.I hate my imperfections for I know I always less than anyone. Then, you came.Break into walls that I’ve built.Saved me from my darkest thoughts.Treated me like I wasn’t damaged … Continue reading The Vow