GIVERS, TAKERS & MATCHERS Takers try to gain as much as possible from their interactions while contributing as little as they can in return. Takers tend to be self-focused, evaluating what other people can offer them. “If I don’t look out for myself first,” takers think, “no one will.” Givers tend to provide support to others with no strings attached. They ask themselves, “How can … Continue reading GIVERS, TAKERS And MATCHERS

Budget 2018: Key Highlights & Summary #India

💰Budget 2018: 🗝Key Highlights & Summary Fiscal Situation 🔸 Fiscal deficit is 3.5% of GDP at Rs 5.95 lakh crore in 2017-18. Projecting fiscal deficit to be 3.3% of GDP in the next fiscal 🔸 GST revenue will be received only for 11 months, that will have an effect on balance sheets 🔸 Rs 21.57 lakh crores transferred as net GST to states as against … Continue reading Budget 2018: Key Highlights & Summary #India

Blog, Blogger And Blogging #Article

An Overview of the Term Blog A blog (also called a weblog or web log) is a website consisting of entries (also called posts) appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first (similar in format to a daily journal). Blogs typically include features such as comments and links to increase user interactivity. Blogs are created using specific publishing software. Variations of … Continue reading Blog, Blogger And Blogging #Article