I Wanted #Poetry

I Wanted #Poetry

I wanted to write books
But the words wouldn’t come
So I put down my pen to sleep

I wanted to say something
But whatever I said
Had been said long before me

I wanted life to be fun
But I lost track of time
As money became the key

I wanted to find love
I thought that I would
But that hasn’t worked out for me.

(Some truths I regret)

  • VishalDutia

One thought on “I Wanted #Poetry

  1. It’s okay to sleep. That, too, is a part of creativity. You should say what you were going to say anyways. Nothing is new under the sun and sometimes we need that reminder of something we already knew, but maybe it had to come from someone else–perhaps you. Lower your focus on money and increase your focus on living life. It’s hard to get something if you’re not focused on it. You teach people how to love you by loving yourself first

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