Do we care #Poetry

For each other, do we even care

Do we not give a damn and blindly stare

Holy shit, the earth is a mess

Our lack of humanity but I digress

Do we have any more fucks to give

Do we give up and die, instead of live

Lifeless will be the day

when all the clouds turn grey

The sun does not shine

in this world of mine

The animals are all dying

while the oceans are crying

Countries are at war

the earth is becoming an eyesore

Pollution is in the air

doesn’t anybody care

The world is like an apple gone rotten

Kindness seems to be long forgotten

People hating one another for no reason 

Is loving each other, out of season

Do we care or are we out of luck 

Pull our heads out of the sand and give a fuck

Something I wrote reading the newspaper while sipping my coffee and thinking about life as we may or may not know it

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