Horror is
It screams to some
It whispers to others
Have you ever felt her?
Her fingers close around your heart
Darkness is her companion
Has he ever engulfed you in the night?
Their child is fear and she wanders the halls
Do you hear her creeping on your floor?
Death is their son
And he is often just around the door.
These are not my friends
But they have visited before.
They come knocking at the door
But then enter even if one denies them.
Have you seen their pale faces?
Look into the dark
For that is where they usually leave their mark
Before you go to bed
Lift up your head
Are they near you
On the floor
In your door
Crawling under your bed
Or is this all in your head?
Awake from sleep
It was all a dream
But why does that seem
Like things are rearranged
Is someone their?
You can sense the air
Oh do take care!
Horror is there!
Oh, calm down
No need be bound
By some thought
Or imagination
If that is what it was?

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