The Only Me is ME

The Only Me is ME

                                                         I’ll not claim to be a lyrical master

                                                              I’ll not boast that there’s no one faster

                                                             I’m not brightest not the dullest

                                                             My words my not mesmerize or drive you to hysteria

                                                              I may not have every thing that you’ve got

                                                              I am however the one thing you are not

                                                  I am Me and  I’m the only me that has ever or will ever be

                                                              I special in my own way my words are mine to say

                                No matter what you think you are who I am can never be taken away

                                   I am The One the one and only me, No matter what you try

                                                              or how much you pay you can never be me

                                   I’m one of a kind and unique and in all the vast Multiverses stand alone

                                                     To me there is no equal and there is no clone

                                                 In all the worlds in all the times I stand alone  

                                                    For you see when it comes to me you can’t compare

                                                    you might think it’s not right or it’s not fair

                                                   but the fact remains the same you have to see  

                                                               The Only Me is ME

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