Corona is here,

Do not fear, 

Its just a plan for the elite to cheer,

To make us scared,

To make money from the cure,

Don’t listen to the bullshit,

It’s all a game,

to decrease the population,

That’s the aim, 

They Show us fake videos of people dying,

Little kids in china who are forced into crying,

Don’t be afraid we will be fine,

The refined sugar in our drinks is the real reason why we are dying, 

Kids with cancer dropping like flies,

The tv media feeds us lies,

It’s not a pandemic,

It’s a made up disguise,

To hide the truth of the agenda they crave,

They want to put millions inside a grave,

The world is rich with food a plenty,

But the elite want to keep it all,

And leave the public empty,

So let me say stand up and say no,

Before it’s too late and we all have to go.

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