Blind Generation

Blind Generation

Men of little faith

Men with eyes but lack light

If only you could see the end of your

Road, perhaps you’ld have return.

Men of vain fame, men with ears but

Cannot detect sound, if only you could

See the source of what you listen to, perhaps

You’d realized what fools you have been.

You talk of leadership

But you are no leaders

Cheaters and liars in secret, whose end

Is self destruction and eternal separation.

Truth, refuse to heed

For lies roam the atmosphere

Turn back before you expire

Inspire what is left in the dark.

Put aside corruption and greed

We are suppose to be a peculiar breed

Why dress with bombs and

Claim to do God’s will?

Hate and prejudice, mice we must end

Humanity we must preserve

Earth we must conserve

Leaves should stay green and fresh.

This is our time

Put away racism and revenge

And black will be black

And blindness will fade away.

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