Grocery Store

Grocery Store

I heard you moved,
out of town.
Somewhere far away,
and I’m still waiting here.

And to think I was foolish enough,
to believe every word you said.
Let you and your lies,
get inside my head.

Sometimes I go to the grocery store,
just to make conversation.
Usually no one talks back.

So I give them my money,
the little I have left,
and take my candy bar,
and walk away.

I can feel them staring,
at me as I walk away.
I can feel your heartbeat,
why didn’t you stay?

Read a book on moving on,
and it made me regress.
So I threw it in the fire.

I wonder if you’re thinking of me,
or if I’m the only one.
I hurt just beneath the surface,
my insides are melting.

I can’t seem to find,
a way to forget.
My mind says let go,
but my heart says no.

So if you’re looking for me,
I’m most likely at the grocery store,
talking to all the cashiers.

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