~Hand Full Of Thorns~

~Hand full of thorns

Such a bloody mess

More than my flesh torn

I surely profess

This rose that tempted I

Mistakenly blessed

Wind dry my eyes

Your vibes I can sense

I turn around

And there you are

Don’t make a sound

We cannot get very far

Energies bound

It’s so damn bizarre

I’m lost trying to be found

Someone let me out of this car

Before my soul drowns

In infinite frowns

But you just keep coming around

I gotta leave this town

Of that I am sure

Picking at scabs

Hardly the cure

Gotta puff some more dabs

My head’s just a blur

Feeling my emotions

A curse of us crabs

We’re hardly demur

Drinking love’s potions

Creates such a furor

Crossing doubt’s oceans

For a love that is pure

Creating commotion

Unsure I can endure

I don’t want to see you anymore

Of that I am sure

Unless you open your door

And let me inside

This really hurt me

My pain I cannot hide

I hope these words set me free

In them I confide

Social suicide

People have lied

Honesty tried

A part of me died


Did you feel the heaviness of my sigh~

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