Pretend My Lips Are Blue

Like the day that I was born
Im alive despite the pressure
Ive arrived to learn the answers
In a hospital towel
The brightest day of my mothers life
But you pretend my lips are blue
Maybe Im dead to you (and only you)
Maybe im just dead to you
When you finally left you said
Never again, never again, never again
When I finally woke I said
Never again, never again, never again
Like christmas day at home
Im profoundly moved by letters
That hope Im feeling better
In a hospital gown
It was once the first moment of my life
To pretend my lips were blue
A decade passed and I met you
Maybe Im just dead to you
The only gift you chose to leave
Are fever dreams, the kind you still believe
Ill scream how it feels to feel
And youll try so hard not to hear
Like the day I learned to read
Expressions meant to lie to me
Seeing forest from the trees
Losing trust in majesty
So I write to concentrate
On the echos down the storm drain


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