Who are you?
I look in the mirror
But my vision is blurred
I dont cry anymore
Over him
But sometimes I still lose my mind
Sometimes I still feel sick
Sometimes I smoke because it makes the feeling go away
Sometimes I drink
Sometimes I just lay in bed all day
Who are you?
Im searching for peace
And it feels like something that doesnt want to be found
I could lay in the snow
And the sunshine
And let myself melt
Just like the ice
And become one with the earth
The ice reminds me of your eyes
And now the earth reminds me of his
Somedays I wish I was more than just a broken heart
And a tortured soul
I wish my pain had substance

2 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Your poem describes exactly how I felt about my divine masculine when he ran away from our relationship. Those intense feelings are so painful. You have spoken for many of us with your poetry. Thank you. ❤️

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