We have all been so deeply programmed to our core
To either excel or to fail
And due to this
We’ve neither excelled nor failed
Just stuck hanging somewhere in between
Holding on to loose strings of our sanity
Hoping all of this will make sense one day

3 thoughts on “SANITY

  1. You do a great job on your poetry. It seems to me you are depressed, lacking hope for a future and to make some sense out of our lives on earth. If you read the Bible–the New Testament-you will see that God’s children who believe in Jesus Christ always have hope because Jesus is our hope. The Bible will also help you make sense of what this life is all about. Anyone who comes to know Jesus Christ–though we have troubles in this life–will find out that the troubles pass away and joy will come afterwards. In the kingdom of the God of the Bible, once you come to Jesus Christ, you will find the way to eternal life. In God’s kingdom, failures are only an opportunity to learn something new that will help you overcome the trial if it comes around a second time. Jesus is our hope and we must fix our eyes on Him. When we do this, God is more than able to take care of our problems. If we focus on our problems, they seem to appear bigger than God. This is a lie because even the gates of hell cannot prevail against the living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob–the God of the Bible.


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