Tell Me Why

Why everytime I try to be happy 
Everything seems to go wrong 
My heart cannot take much more 
When my heart is all over the floor 
This pain of agony 
So all alone 
Winter cold outside no coat on 
I cannot handle this 
I get so high in the sky 
Than my hope get shot down 
By an arrow that hate 
My real love I pour out 

Im tired of feeling this way 
My heart is flying full pace 
Like im in a race 
And my mind is all over the place 
Im tired of getting my feelings hurt 
And I show real love without a doubt 
And everybody wants to take me out 
All of my dignity and pride 
Emotions at a all time high 
And im taking along time to let out this sigh 
My heart is crying from all this damn pain 
And my tears falling like rain

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