Never Give Up

Never give up.

Don’t ever surrender.

When all seems lost,

fight to the end.

You don’t know

the limits of your strength.

Nobody does,

you can endure the length

of any struggle, battle or hardship.

Show these motherfuckers

where your heart is.

Hours will be few,

but the minutes will be long.

Show them what it is,

what it means to be strong.

Charge head first,

or take your time and plan it.

They’ll try to break you,

but you’re made of granite.

You’re like a coal chunk,

born in intense heat.

Refined by pressure,

always rise to your feet.

That’s how how diamonds are made.

You can’t be defeated,

prohibit fear,

doubt and retreat.

It’s not about being paid.

It’s about power

and determination.

Doesn’t take much to

deter my nation.

Run faster,

jump higher,

lift more,

train longer.


You won’t find the same ease

believe me with me,

because I’m not giving up either

we’ll see who is stronger.

I’m going to destroy you,

show me who’s wrong.

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