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I’m a Woman
Not your toy
I was not born to do service to your boy.
I’m a Woman
Both strong and sensitive
I’m not weak, that’s just your perspective.
I’m a Woman
Not a puppet
Don’t try to rule my life with your trumpet.
I’m a Woman
I bring life
Without me your son won’t have a wife.
I’m a Woman
Not an object
Don’t try to use me or treat me like a subject.
I am Woman
I like to dress
I was not born for you to undress.
I’m a Woman
Not a ball
If you kick me down, I will stand up tall.
I’m a Woman
Born to be a leader and a boss
I can lead your clan or bring it to a loss.
I’m a Woman
Not a trophy
I am not yours so don’t act like you own me;
Don’t ask for money and try to get me.
I’m a Woman
A woman more than that;
I can be a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife.
I take all these rolls, I’m like a dice.
Remember me? I created you and gave life.
All I ask from you is to try and nice.