Suicide is a Funny Thing #Poetry

Suicide is a Funny Thing #Poetry

Funny how we’ve made the choice
To die even before we are born

Funny how many attempts we can make
Before we finally fall

Funny how long it takes for the blood to run out
And leave us for once and for all

Funny how much your body can handle
When you don’t want to deal no more

Funny how gas can make you laugh and cry
When you’re locked in the car and don’t even care why

Funny how many pills your system can take
When death is the option you’ve already made

Funny how long we can hang in the balance
Between the length of a noose and the floor

Funny how hard our dreams can hit us
And with the car we could never afford

Funny how heavy water can feel
When its welling up in your lungs

Funny how the ones who aren’t afraid to do it
Are the ones you’d never guessed would jump

Funny how people start paying attention
When you’re holding the gun to your head

Funny how our own thoughts eat us alive
Aren’t we all just better off  **dead?

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