Bounce Back #Poetry

I always bounce back to you,
I don’t even care if it makes me blue.
You see me hurt myself every time,
But you just come back with a smile.

I try my best to ignore,
Haven’t you gotten bored?
I still don’t know what to do,
Goodness, why do I still want you?

Is this who I want to be?
I can remember this wasn’t me.
I know I can be more resilient,
I know I have to keep my distance.

I can’t see what I see in you,
After all this time it still feels new.
You throw me and I bounce back,
I don’t want it, my emotions are jacked.

I hate you, I love you, can’t decide,
Why don’t I just hide?
What if I don’t come back?
Which is one quality that I lack.

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