Schadenfreude #Poetry

That is how they live
That is how this works
For they do see the agony
In our eyes
But they revel in the feeling of

What causes one’s tear
Makes the other smile
But this is how the world works
There is agony to every soul
Pain behind every smile.

That is what sustains the world
That is what makes it worth the while
It may be the devil’s evil thought
But nobody ever gets caught
Cause its just a feeling, this

The place where they talk
The place that they reveal ***** secrets
Is the place that nurses this feeling
Is the place, noone should be
Seen lurking in.

For then you can’t hide
Behind ur hypocrisy
Where u say u r happy for the world
But actually their pain is ur ecstacy
For now u feel exposed
It is lifted, the cloak
You wore everyday as u reveled
In the feeling called