I am a logophile. A lover of words.
I love words. Language. The way sentences can be constructed and broken down. How you can persuade, intimidate, bribe, barter, bully, influence, tempt, and so on. I love poetry. Slang. Lyrics. Quotes. Phrases. I love the pronunciation of words. The way we can read between the lines. How we can distinguish “Okay” from “ok.” from “Kay:)” from “k.”. How some words can send shivers down your spine, be it from how they’re worded to how they’re spoken to who spoke them to what meaning it holds. I love the quiver of the lip when someone says something that hurts. The stammer, the raw emotion, the shake in their voice, the tears that swell up in their eyes.

And I love words even more
when they come from your mouth.

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