Sleep Sleep #Poetry

Sleep, sleep,
Peaceful sleep.
Flicker, flicker,
My eyelids flicker,
My body getting tired and weaker

Twitch and writhe,
My pain is strong.
How much longer,
Can it go on?
Weep, weep,
tears just flow,
Try to run away,
Yet nowhere to go.

Hurt inside,
A broken heart,
Torn apart.

Nothing left,
Except for fear,
knowing that death,
Is all so near!
Slowly sliding,
Slipping away,
stop the pain!
Stop today!
Peace at last,
Hurt no more,
Time to walk,
through the door.
Suffering ends,
Pain has gone,
Battle over,
I can’t go on.

Sleep, sleep,
Peaceful sleep,
Watchful eye,
Has gone to sleep.

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.

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