My happiness … it comes from the smallest things,
as it flows into the clepsydra the grains of sand.
My happiness … is the thought of using my wings,
my warm soul that surrounds you with its hand.

My happiness … is the rainbow after a big storm,
is the fragrant, beautiful scented flower, like a lip balm.
My happiness … are your eyes as a color spell in uniform
and you embrace me all in your comforting palm.

My happiness … is the song humming your name
under the burst of tender kisses of a guitar on fire.
My happiness … is your vibrant glance in a frame,
your touch on a bear fur, like a hot desire.

My happiness … is my smile in which you mirror in the night,
your face is dear heaven in my humble garden.
My happiness … is faith in love and in what is right,
it’s the flame burning, without asking for a pardon.

My happiness … is the sleep you will watch for me
with fine caresses on my long raven hair.
My happiness … is the starry sky where I feel free,
our bathing in the great spiritual love, like a prayer.

My happiness … is coffee in two until we’re much older,
when the sunrays brings us to life without any risk.
My happiness … is the sea breeze on our naked shoulder,
spring suite appears, warmed by the heavenly yellow disk.

My happiness … is to be happy even if I’m sad and on my knee,
for you have the power to raise me up and wipe my tears away.
My happiness … is to swim against the waves of the sea,
for you are expected, loneliness has announced its delay.

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.