Who Am I ?

When I Was Small My Mom Gave Me Toy
I Took It Apart To Figure Out How It Works.
Mom Kept On Bringing New Toys, I Kept On Taking Them Apart,
But That’s How I Played.

My Mind Sometime Doesn’t Care What’s Happening On The Other Side, I Just Do It.
Write Or Wrong I Don’t Know, Nor I Care. But When I Realize It. It Hurts, But I Just Can’t Control It. I Have Lost All My Relations Just Because They Think I Interfere. Really? I Don’t Have Any Motive To Interfere In Any Ones Life. I Just Addicted To Breach The Rules Of Security. I Just Do It For Fun. I Am Addicted To It. Go And Fuck With Your Lifes I Dont Care.

I Don’t Take Reality Of The World For Granted, Infact I Seek To Break Them And Rebuild.

I Don’t Need Money To Survive,
Nor It Makes Me Happy
I Don’t Even Like To Earn Money,
Just Bcoz My Dad Never Denies Me For It.
And That Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Work.

I Need To Find New Vulnerabilities In System, My Laptop And My Mobile Phones To Survive Everytime.

I Am Not At All A Sensible Person,
I Am Not Matured At All,
I Am Childish,
But I Am Really Damn Good On Finding Vulnerabilities.

People Like Me Are Very Small In Community,
But We Silently Posses The Skill To Strive The World.

I Still Remember The Feeling,
When I Got My First Rasberry Pie
It Was Awesome.

I Interfere In Everyone’s Life,
The Fuck I Don’t Care About
Going On In There Life
Just Because I Want To I Do It.
Again It’s Fun.

I Stay Away From People’s
I Stay Away From All Relationship’s
Yaa I Am Having Feeling, Emotions
But They All Get Lost When I Get Eager To Find Some New Vulnerability.

I Think A Lot,
I Hate Rape’s, Molestation n all these criminal activities.
Some Thoughts Haunt Me It’s Fine Nothing Is Wrong.
Infact These Drives Me Insane
I Sleep Rarely
I Write Poems
I Write Articles
I Involve In Social Activities
I Have Dozens Of Degrees, Which Are Useless For Me And Might Have More Just Because My Dad Wants It. Respect.
But Again I Believe Knowledge Is Wealth

What Am I?

What Am I?
Having Any Disorder(NPD) Might Be.

What Am I?
I Am A Human Being
I Change Faces And My Behaviour According To Situations And These Is The Fact, But I Never Have Any Wrong Intensions. Although My Base Behaviour, Character… Is Very Sweet And Adorable.
I Had Sex Multiple Times With Different Partners In Relationship.(Not different Genders, I Am Not a Male Lover)
My Relationships Never Last Long.
(It’s Truely And Genuinely Because Of My Mistakes.)
I Try To Keep Myself Away From Relations Now.
I Am Emotional, Sensitive.. But They Are Temporary..
My Dad Doesn’t Like What I Do, But He Loves Me Lot.
I Just Simply Love My Mom.
I Can Die Dor My Friends, Family And Whom I Really Love. Just I Need To Trust Them. Its A Bad Mindset I Face.
I Love Travelling And Exploring.
I Smoke
I Drink Twice A Year.

Who Am I?
I Know Who Am I Very Well.
And Really Don’t Need Anyone In These World To Come And Say Who And What I Am.
My Name Is Vishal Dutia.

Finally What I Do?
I Am An Hacker, Hacking Is Hacking There’s Nothing Ethical And Non Ethical In It.(The Reason Behind My Raltionship Destructions, But I Can’t Just Survive Without It.)
I Handle My Dad’s Business Too Some Extent. Respect.

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