Castiesm Still Prevails In India #Poetry

India is the land of democracy,
Not the land of autocracy,
But autocracy is still there,
Law is not believed where.

Caste system is a way,
Used to divide people on their have,
Such as Brahmins, kshatriyas,
Shudras, chandellas and vaishyas.

Brahmins, kshatriyas, vaishyas live an honoured life,
But shudras, chandellas live an honourless life.
It is bad to see shudras in the morn,
Chandellas are not even insane.

In India, caste system is touristy,
Used only by the people dirty,
Who want laws from autocracy,
Not the laws from democracy.

Law is against caste system,
Ban is put on caste system,
But still it is not abolished,
Rather it is being polished.

We have to stop this practice,
Government has given us some tactics.
Equality is becoming touristy,
Opposed by the people dirty.

Elections have Inequality,
Healthcare has Inequality,
At offices, there is Inequality,
At many places, there is Inequality.

Caste system is a problem, with which we are fighting,
On which in this poem I am writing.
We have to remove this problem and remove autocracy,
And then store democracy.

These Poem Merged As I Visited The Government Office And I Saw That People Are Qued On There Caste Basis.

© VishalDutia

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