I Love You #Poetry

Words can’t describe,
Neither that sky, so blue.
Just my heart knows,
How much I love you.

Those vast seas,
Those dusty loo.
Still…can’t imagine
My love for you.

I left rhyming,
My words got a ‘boo’.
How can I confess now,
How much I love you.

Wait for a second,
My breaths are a few.
Let me scream here,
How much I love you.

My journey ends here,
For you, miles stand new.
I hope they erase me,
And how I loved you.

I leave here, kitty,
For me never mew.
I ll always be in you,

Note: Wrote When I Was Lying Around. These Is For Some Whom I Love From My Heart, Have Never Meet Her But She Is So So Close. Just Her Words Define Her. But As I Know She Would Never Be Mine. No Wrong Feelings No Wrong Thoughts. Its Just Like It Makes Me Happy. My Heart Longs Her And Respects Her.

Inspired By : No Rather I Would Say These Is For : Jayshree

61 thoughts on “I Love You #Poetry

    1. Oohhh don’t faint now.. Would be loving if you actually fainted in my arms so please postpone that fainting, I dont wanna miss that awesome moment 💝.. (Again just kidding no wrong thoughts)


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