A Poem on Periods(Woman and Her Monthly Companion) #Poetry

Periods are nothing but just a biological cycle,

Don’t make those days difficult for her survival,

Don’t abandon her, don’t trap her.

Let her be same for those days,

As she is for rest of the month.

Don’t use superstition to curb her celebration,

She is certainly not a toy to address your superstition.

She can endure this physical pain for week, months and years,

As she is the only creation who can bear

When I explain you facts you feel its opposition,

Still in this age you believe in superstition.

Know the facts, learn the reality

Don’t get trapped under this irrationality.


Inspired By The Movie:


17 thoughts on “A Poem on Periods(Woman and Her Monthly Companion) #Poetry

  1. Reality! Very powerful of you to take up this topic❤ I really love such pieces where girl power or feminism is prevalent. It makes me confident of who I am. Thank you 🤗

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