I Write #Poetry

I think of things I cannot say,
these thoughts of me haunts me day by day.
So I write.
I write to keep these monsters away.
I write so that the good memories will stay,
and the bad ones won’t cause dismay.

I write so I can sleep.
I write when I weep.
I write to clear my mind.
I write if I’m not fine.
I’ll write about the finest wine.
I write if I have time.

I’ll write these memories of mine.
I’ll write words so sweet for the woman I’ll love.
I’ll write stories about angels from above.
I’ll write tales of demons.
I’ll write about people’s creations.

In my writings are words so deep,
that will make the bravest men weep.
And strong men weak.
So I’ll write all the way.
I’ll write, till the end of my days.

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