Be Brave #Poetry

Be Brave

You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served
Stop force feeding yourself emotions
That don’t exist
Find the love that you deserve
Bravery is not fighting for those who left
Bravery is leaving those who hurt you
Broke you, demoralized you, and abused you
So leave that table with a tip for the next lover
Don’t hold on any longer
Any form of disconnect is a sign that you need to write your next chapter
Leaving might hurt now
but your heart will thank you later

17 thoughts on “Be Brave #Poetry

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  2. How can i be brave if i am scared to do anything to make myself happy lately it hurts to smile it hurts to laugh anymore,But i get use to it everyday but it still drags me down like a Anchor keeping the boat in the same place pulling it down so it can’t move that’s how i am right now

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