We all want to be liked on “Social Media” #Poetry


We all want to be liked
To have people see
The version of ourselves
We choose to be
And say, yeah
That’s someone I admire
I aspire to be like

We all want someone
To look back on
The snapshots we’ve accrued
Over years of holidays,
Boozy nights,
And picture perfect food
And say, look
Here’s someone who’s got things sussed

We all want someone
To validate our lives
To comment that we’re doing just fine
You’re great
You’re pretty
Your smart
Well, I guess that’s a good start

We all want someone
To click that damn thumb
And validate the effort
Of keeping the mask on


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12 thoughts on “We all want to be liked on “Social Media” #Poetry

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  2. Quite accurate want for the flesh. But to want this is to say you care what they think. Caring for what someone thinks leads to dishonest lives. Ohhhhhh, I’m praying for you, my condolences are sent. Quick responses, trained in childhood holds no substance in the wind. Generalizations stir for a predicted response. Much better is it not, to think of what’s best instead of yes. Thank you for sharing this truth of the matter in American society

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  3. That’s very true! We want people to notice us, so we keep posting. Some people just want to get popular, and some people just want to work on their craft. It is about finding a balance. If I could just do my art and writing, and have someone work on my website that would be great. But, all of that costs money! Jeesh! Learing the ropes is hard. But, hey, I just did a bunch of research on this topic the other night. If you have any suggestions for my posts, let me know 🙂 caelidotblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/22/social-media-make-me-famous-says-almost-everyone/

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