Love Love Love #Poetry

Love, love, love, love
Stuttered by one one word
Makes everything nothing
Nothing to be useless

Love is everything
Love is anywhere
Love is what we feel
Love is what we want

I made her a poem
The time I had a problem
She felt so awkward
The day when I was haggard

She wants to be loved
I gave her my love
I made it so long
Until it was daylong

I stay up all night
Just to make sure she’s alright
I was so whole-hearted
But she was so cold-hearted

12 thoughts on “Love Love Love #Poetry

      1. I want to feel loved,I want someone who can show all their love to me and give me their love,I have made a poem for my ex last year but i never gave it to him because i was scared he will break my heart,He was cold-heart’d in some ways.i stay up every night trying to find the lost pieces of my broken heart

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