Time #Poetry


Time, A scary thing isn’t it?
Watching the leaves decay,

from the chair in which i sit.

The once so green leaves,
One by one falling down.
Abandoning their lively color of green,

for a sad tint of brown.

A child is born, it’s life passes by.
It lives, untill time decides it has to die.

Time, it’s our beginning and our end.
Our enemy, yet also our friend.

9 thoughts on “Time #Poetry

  1. your words are thought provoking…could this be the product of stained glass. Seasons are cycles, as life has a cycle, it’s ending is a new beginning so why do we cling to the past? The art of letting go of what was and what’s to come, leaves time to stand still, for but a moment or two. I enjoyed this depth filled piece.

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  2. I take it back. I said on your Teeter Totter post that it was my number one favorite. Turns out this one is actually the one I like the most haha. Very beautiful! I can imagine a short time lapse video of the visuals on this poetry, with a slow piano music in the background.

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