Yes I Had Sex

Yes I had Sex

You Know Why?


Sex Is Emotion In Motion

Sex Makes You Look Younger

Sex Boost Your Fertility

Sex Prevents Heart Attack

Sex Strength Your Bones

Sex Banish Depression And Slash Stress

Sex Is The Desire Of Loving Heart

Sex Creates Chemistry In Love

Sex Makes Relations Stronger

Sex Is The Part Of Nature And I go Along With Nature

Sex Makes Me Feel Better All Day

So I Had Sex

Yes I Had Sex

Yes I Had Sex

You Know Where?

In The Car

In The Bathroom

In The Couch

In The Bedroom

In The Pool

In The garden

Yes I Had Sex

Yes I Had Sex

Any Problem?

You Know What?

Go To Hell....

I Am Not Afraid Of Talking About Sex.


Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society.


                                                                   – Malcolm Muggeridge