Prostitute #Poetry

Giving joy, getting joy, never coy,
Often pretty, always called a toy,
She sells all that there is to deploy.
And there is she who is demure;
A teacher whose job is secure.
Some say that all teachers are pure.
And there is he who is a professor;
He is his fathers successor;
Just like his fathers predecessor.
The first one we call a whore;
She prostitutes her body more and more;
But the other ones we adore.
The professor prostitutes his knowledge.
He also sells his precious time.
And the teacher too makes the same pledge;
Especially while she is in her prime.
We all prostitute something every day;
Yet only the first ones a prostitute; yay!

Some say that a woman that trades her body for money is a whore, if that is the case, then a woman that trades her body for flattery and kind words is just a whore that is not paid very well.

Carl R White


9 thoughts on “Prostitute #Poetry

      1. Don’t worry about writing better for me. I can see you and some of your other readers think sex of any kind is fair game for poetry. However, poets always have a duty to respect human dignity. Pimps and pornographers do not care for human dignity the poet should be better than that. Sex is one of the best subjects for poetry. I have written about it and I have even written about prostitution. I am interested to know your opinion.

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  1. Despite the negative feedback of a prior comment written by another, I for one find your take on prostitution to be quite entertaining. Written within the context of positivity at that. Can it be bad, yes? Do all women see it that way, well, no? Besides, sex always makes good for poetry. I for one am a big fan of using it to its fullest advantage.

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