Poem About Healing From Rape With Writing. (Heart Touching)

Rapism Is A Shameless Crime Committed By Humans On Humans Ever.

I cant talk to anybody,
I feel like nobody understands,
So I pick up some paper and grab me a pen.
You see me smile, but if you only knew
The things that I hold onto
And just cant seem to let go.
I know I must forgive, and I said that I do,
But I dont really think that I actually do.
Forgive my mother, my uncle, stepdad, and aunts boyfriend
For the pain they put me through as a kid.
I spoke up, no one listened.
So it continued on and I just didnt mention
The things that went on in the middle of the night.
It happened before, so maybe its all right.
At 5, at 8, at 9 and 10.
Over and over and over again.
She caught him, forgave, got married, nothing changed.
Im over it now, I really am.
I think about it every now and then.
Have trouble sleeping at night.
I laugh about it now, especially when I used to sleep with a knife.
I know the only way to get over it,
Is to open up and speak,
But when I spoke when I was younger,
No one heard me.
So you tell me, WHAT THE HECK DO I DO,
When that voice in my head keeps saying,
Youre wasting your time, no one cares about you.
I cant shake that, Ive believed that my whole life.
Im just glad that God gave me a pen, paper, and the ability to write.
Cause when I feel like no one hears me,
I just write.

Lets Raise Our Voices For These Shameless Act

Note: These Poem Is Written By A Girl Undisclosed


13 thoughts on “Poem About Healing From Rape With Writing. (Heart Touching)

  1. This is so awesome and needs to be spoken about thank you for reminding me to post my own pain in hopes someone else can no longer feel alone and insane. It happens to so many children no grown and still fighting the little child’s pain inside.

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  2. I care. And thank God that at least there is pen and paper. May your voices be heard. I am hearing you. Crying for you. Keep writing. Keep shouting.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. She will be in my prayers!
    So powerful a poem. Loved it.
    “I‘m just glad that God gave me a pen, paper, and the ability to write.”
    Writing surely helps alleviate pain.
    I have felt relief after writing about pains inflicted by close ones. Words on paper are a very strong medium.

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