8 Great Robert Herjavec #Motivational #Business #Quotes

8 Great Robert Herjavec #Motivational #Business #Quotes

1) “Not everyone is willing to work as hard. But that’s the key. Everyone can do it. Everybody has the tools and the ability to get there.”

2) “Tough times never last. Tough people always do.”

3) “Without the ability to visualize a goal and believe it will be reached, nothing of substance will be achieved. Not by anybody. Not at any time. Not in any place.”

4) “I think fear holds people back. I meet a lot of people who say ‘Oh, money’s not important to me’. And I say, that is absolute crap.”

5) “So I think you’ve got to work hard, but you have to work smart.”

6) “Every now and then in your life as you try to chase your dream you get to a crossroad where you have to make a decision. Which way are you going to go?”

7) “I don’t look at failure as death. I don’t look at failure as finality. I just look at it and pick myself up and say ‘we shouldn’t have done that’ and move on.”

8) “A goal without a timeline is just a dream.”