African senior leader, President Robert Mugabe is famous for his pithy one liners… #FunnyQuotes

1. Girls’ legs are like rumours.. They spread anyhow…!


2. No sex before marriage?
If that was God’s plan you would receive your Penis or Vagina on your wedding day…!


3. Whenever things seem to start going well in your life, the Devil comes along and gives you a girlfriend..


4. Sucking breast is a survival skill guys learnt at birth. But as to how and where girls learnt the art of sucking Dicks still baffles me…!


5. If you are ugly, you are ugly. Stop talking about inner beauty cos we dont walk around with X-rays.


6. Respect pregnant women – because it’s not easy walking around in public with evidence that you’ve been fucked.

Fucking HilariousđŸ˜‚


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